About us

Let’s talk about objectives. Yours is (presumably) to assess whether we provide the services that you require? Then if we do, to consider whether you should make contact with us to discover more?

We’ll try to make it clear and succinct. We help pharma and healthcare companies engage with their audiences. These may be healthcare professionals or even patients.

Still with us? How do we do it? Well that depends on what you want to achieve? We have a unique skill set, delivering expertise in media planning and buying as well as healthcare communications. This means that we can focus on achieving your objectives and engaging with your audience without being limited by how we do it. In fact, we bring the best bits of media and communications together to achieve the best results.

The other thing we do is procure clinical reprints, and as with all of our business, we work across print, digital and multi channels for the UK, European and global markets.

By now you should have achieved your objective of assessing whether we provide the services that you need. You can call us right now on 01932 345519 to discuss your specific requirements.

If you do need to consider individual elements further, please take a look at the other pages on our website, then give us a call. 

I hope that we have made it easy for you to make the right decision. If so, that’s achieved our objectives too. We both want a relationship with our clients, whether they are healthcare professionals, or for us, you the pharma company. I'm Andrew King, please give me a call and perhaps we can achieve each other’s objectives, together?