Lines between 'media' and 'medical communications' have traditionally been clearly defined from a client perspective. Media is advertising and medcomms is education, content and talking to customers.....isn't it?

At MMS360, we beg to differ. Both disciplines have the same objective, which is to engage with your audiences. But there's a lot more overlap than you may think. Yes there are some clearly defined elements which fall into each individual camp but for us it's about the channel delivery rather than the activity.

Let's take meetings and events, for instance. Yes, the medcomms agency can develop the content, brief the speaker and work with your reps to generate interest and deliver attendees. Alternatively, why not consider using a healthcare publisher to manage the whole process and have it built in seamlessly with the rest of your promotional activity? They have vast experience of event organisation, huge editorial resources and close relationships with KOLs. They understand the audience needs and what motivates them to attend events or participate in activities. They also have an engaged audience that want to be associated with the brand and the reputation it has. Many HCPs are a lot more cynical about the intentions of 'big pharma' and are less likely to attend a pharma-organised event than one delivered by an independent publisher, even if it is supported by pharma.

That's just one example but let's return to our original principle. The objective leads the recommendation. So in order to deliver the widest option of relevant solutions, we have expanded our team to include two highly experienced medcomms Directors. They bring vast expertise and 25 years plus experience to ensure that we can seamlessly integrate medical communications activities in harmony with our media recommendations.

We can also bring our experience into your established relationships with medcomms agencies. We really see the value in their role and by aligning with our media expertise, between us we can deliver far better results than operating both functions completely separately. If you exclude the face to face rep contact, this means that we can deliver a full 360 degree audience communication and engagement programme.