Pharma companies face ongoing scrutiny to ensure compliance and adherence to industry rules and regulations. In the UK, the ABPI invigilate media and communications activity. On a broader stage, there are local, in-country bodies as well as international organisations to consider.

We are the only media-specific agency to be trained and accredited as part of the ARTS programme. The Agency Recognition Training Scheme participation ensures that all team members are up to date with the guidance and regulations that are so essential for our clients. You can be confident that any media and communications plans that we develop will be fully compliant with the required code of practice, whether it be in the UK or internationally.

To support our commitment to European delivery, we commissioned the development and publication of 'The European Codes Explained,' an invaluable resource for pharma companies and their agency partners. Sponsored by HEAL [International], this publication further demonstrates our commitment to delivering effective and compliant, audience engagement.