Evolution not Revolution

In 1982 Medical Media Services was launched as the UK's first healthcare specific media planning and buying agency. In the past 32 years, there have been changes of ownership, location and personnel. There have also been significant changes to the market and the needs of our clients. Yes, we still focus on the medical arena, but we don't just do advertising and we are very much positioned as a partner rather than a service provider.

Two years ago we started to change our positioning in the market, with 'MMS' being the brand and emphasising that what we delivered was "beyond medical media". We have consistently been providing resources that take us even further away from just being a media planning and buying agency that only delivers advertising campaigns.

It's now time for the name and branding to change in order to reflect what we actually do rather than what people think we do!

MMS360 is a subtle change, but the addition of the '360' indicates that we provide a complete package of audience engagement deliverables rather than just being one-dimensional and only delivering advertising.

More importantly, it's about communicating that message to pharma and healthcare companies so that you can reassess how you can utilise our expertise. We have unique skill-set at MMS360 and we would be delighted to discuss your plans and see how we can help you achieve your objectives of delivering clear, measurable engagement with your audiences.