We say 'media' but you think 'advertising!' Yes, advertising in journals or online is important, but only if it will help you achieve your objectives.

For us, 'media' is about channel selection. It's about your advertising campaign appearing within relevant content, in the right context and the appropriate environment.

It's about integrating media channels to maximise results. Our audiences use different media, at different times, for different reasons. Our experience and expertise ensures that we reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time in order to influence and deliver interaction.

We work closely with our channel partners to understand audience needs and media consumption. We shape and deliver independent audience research, along with other industry organisations, in order to identify not just what publications or websites that healthcare professionals are reading or using, but to understand why they are reading them, when and in what combination.

Our assessment of this information allows us to provide insight and recommendations based on robust data and analysis combined with a strong dose of common sense, logic and experience. It is only by understanding the audience and their behaviour, that we are able to deliver the best results.

And you may think that 'media' is just about advertising but it's not. Healthcare publishers have a priceless asset. That is their relationships with their audience. We utilise the strength of this brand loyalty to deliver supplements, education, meetings, webinars, hosted content, resource materials, in fact apart from face to face rep contact, we are able to use the media to deliver a complete audience engagement package.