Following our approach of starting with the objective, we felt that 'off the shelf' packages for the procurement and aggregation of clinical reprints just didn't do the job as smoothly and simply as they should. So we started from scratch, asking clients what they actually wanted from a reprints system.

We asked Brand Managers and Administrators what they wanted if they had individual requests or orders. The unanimous response was that they wanted a personal contact who could follow the process through and ensure that quotes were provided promptly and that orders were fulfilled in an accurate and timely manner. So they have a dedicated Reprints Manager to look after them.

We asked what country and regional teams needed in order to satisfy multi location requirements with central or local ordering and payments. The benefits of aggregated purchase can only be achieved if approached in a proactive and co-ordinated manner. So we built a reprint procurement platform delivering a simple 3-step process taking you from quote to order.

And of course we asked Team Leaders and Procurement what they needed in terms of reporting, savings and transparency. So our system provides a dashboard that can be made accessible at brand, country or regional level, depending on client needs.

Reprints International is a simple, clear system that makes life easier for brand teams across markets. So if you want one-to-one, fast and efficient local turnaround, or if you have a strategic multi-country need, you can be confident that we are delivering the service that YOU designed.